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  • February 2012
    Australian Terrier International Meeting The Needs Of Aussie Owners Globally © 2010 Australian Terrier International February, 2012- Vol. 3, Issue 1 In This Issue  ATI Lifetime Members Aussie Colors and “Blue Dog Syndrome” Talking With Diana Fenton An International Love Affair Cooking With Cheryl Books The Aussies of Kimmo Aaltonen Adoption Applications Spay-Neuter Controversy Toys […]
  • May 2012 Issue
    This month the FCI World Dog Show will be held in Salzburg, Austria.  The USA Australian Terrier National Specialty will be held in Missouri this month.  ATI wants to wish everyone the best of luck. With so many devoted Aussie lovers in one place, perhaps it might be a wonderful time to have productive conversations […]

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