Education Night

Australian Terrier International Cordially invites you to a Monthly PRIVATE night of education.


Your call in number is:
1-605-715-4920 and the access code you will need is 692540 and hit # . They will repeat the access number to you (check to make sure you have it correct) and then hit the number one (1).

If you have problems entering the room, make sure you have the access number correct. If you are all alone listening to music you may need to call back.
We will be recording the call so others can listen to it as a podcast. When they tell you we will be recording, please press the number 1…you must do that so you do not get disconnected.

To hear the call-in Audio, please visit the links below.

ATI Members:
November we discussed alternative treatments for pain in dogs. Acupuncture, massage, low level laser treatments are some of the modalities that will be discussed.

Elaine Strid, who has used Dr Robinson successfully with her Aussie, led the discussion.Our featured speaker will be Dr. Narda Robinson, Founder and Director of Colorado State University’s Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians Program
Please visit her website to see what she has done to progress this field in veterinary medicine
We apologize the November discussion was not recorded.






Long time breeders, Sue Bachman and Theresa Schreeder, of Ryba Kennels. Theresa is also chair of the ATCA health committee.




April, May and June three-part series on Breeding, Stud Dog and Whelping.


Stud Dog

Breeding Series the Female

Featuring a Discussion with James Pedergast from Darwin Raw foods and Michael Fox, DVM

Feeding your Australian Terrier

Featuring a Discussion with Jean Dodd DVM  and Ron Schultz DVM

Vaccination Protocol