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Australian Terrier Breeder Referral 

To locate an Australian Terrier breeder near you, visit our ATI breeders list or email ATI at

ATI members and founders are devoted, responsible and ethical breeders and owners of Australian Terriers.  The collective knowledge among our founders, coordinators and members provide some of the best resources about the Australian Terrier breed available today.

All Australian Terrier breeders listed on our Breeder/Breed Information page, are approved members or founders of Australian Terrier International (ATI).

If you are a member of ATI and would like to be listed on our approved breeder/breed information page, please contact
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To see our current list of approved breeders visit ATI Breeders and Breed Information click here.

Australian Terrier International can help you locate a reputable Australian Terrier breeder in your area. Please contact

ATI does not endorse any breeder or guarantee any puppy or dog.