Founders And Coordinators

ATI Founders and Program Coordinators: Members names are not listed here for their privacy.

If you are on this page and reading this, you are a paid member. We have over 1300 members to date.

ATI thanks you so much for your support!

If you are a founder and you prefer not to be listed, please contact us at

ATI Founders have each donated $100 or more to the AKC Canine Health Foundation through ATI.

 ATI Founders ATI Program Coordinators


Sabine Baker

Joy & Hugh Bancroft

Brenda Brown

Linda & Ray Carmichael

Pamela & Rick Crandall

Sheryl Crawford

Tere Cruz

Tina Cruz

Bruce Dobozin MD

Kim Floyd

Sue & Harlan Holsinger

Jeannine Johnson

Janet Maas

Lorraine and Arnold Marshall

Cheryl & Jim Mechalke

Debra Miller

Craig and Anne Mitchell

George Mutch

Kirsi Ola

Marge Reignier

Pam & Bill Reinert

Heather Rife

Olive Robb

Judy Ruggles

Heather Russell

Angela Smith

Devorah Sperber

Judy Stallings

Jane & Tim Steinmetz MD

Elaine & Eldon Strid

Dianne Wall

Kathy Wakeman

Jennie Worthing

Helen Zeugheuser



Newsletter Editor
Pamela Levy

Health and Education Coordinator
Sue Holsinger

International Coordinator/Photographer
Cheryl Mechalke

Newsletter Proof Editor

2017 Membership Committee

Pamela Levy

Jeannine Johnson

Angela Smith

Elaine Strid