Training with Devorah Sperber

Dog Training with Devorah Sperber

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Thank you Devorah for sharing your many dog related experiences and knowledge in

Agility, Freestyle, and Obedience with our ATI community.


About Dev from her blog:

“I am insanely passionate about two things in life: Art and Dogs. I am a full-time visual artist which affords me the opportunity to take my 2 Australian Terriers, Jake and Lil, to work with me.

A typical day involves taking many short training/ play breaks from making art, which clears my head and gives me a energy boost. Over the past couple of years, it has become apparent that the process I use to create art is the same process I use when training my dogs. Both evoke creative, out-of-the-box thinking, heightened awareness and observational abilities, patience, determination, focusing on the process vs. an end goal, the willingness to fail, the desire to succeed, never accepting defeat, and the development of specialized mechanical skills. This blog is intended to inspire like-minded individuals to share fun and creative ways to work and play with our dogs.”

Visit her blog here and learn more!