Tina Nordgren

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How did you learn about Australian Terriers?

I had German Shepherds and Dachshunds since I was a little girl. I was desperate to find a new breed. I was looking for a healthy, sporty, happy, little dog who did not want to hunt everything and everybody. I worked at an Animal (Pet) insurance company for many years. I was terrified to learn about how many different problems the different breeds had. To be honest I thought I wouldn’t be able to find anything on four legs that I would want to live with until my 100th birthday so I gave up and continued with the Shepherds.

One weekend I went to a show and met a lovely Finish lady. She had her hands full of Aussies and my mind was mad e up! I wanted an Australian Terrier. Poorman’s Another Story “Nellie” moved into our lives and then a couple of months later I heard that her sister, Poorman’s Amourus Angel ,”Ina,” had not found her own home either so I bought her too.

Those little girls lived together with us until they where 13 years old and passed away of old age. I still miss them every single day.

How long have you had Australian Terriers?

I got Nellie and Ina in 1997 and was, for the first time, in contact with the breed in 1994. That was the year I first came in contact with my mentor and very good friend Jill Grenaae of Tatong’s kennel.

Do you show dogs? Do you do any sports with your dogs such as Rally, Earth Dog, etc.?

I go to dog shows all over the world and I love to win, but it is not the most important thing to me and it will never be.

I am in love with the daily life with my own dogs.

What do you enjoy most or like about the Aussie?

I love so many things about this little clever dog so I could probably write a very thick book! I love their happiness and am amazed at how clever, trustful, and easy going they are. Sometimes I look at them and wonder if they are dogs or little people on four legs.

What do you like to do with them?

I love hiking, tracking, travelling, hugging and spoiling them and I like to see them happy and well taken care of.

Anything else you would like to share about your Aussies, your kennel or your breeding program?

I hope we all can work together and keep this wonderful little breed healthy and strong, with super temperaments, and to breed them as near the standard that we possibly can.I proudly health test my dogs.

Please visit my website here to view my health testing history.  Please click on the photo’s for larger or complete viewing.

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