Congratulations Lifetime Member Orvokki Lamsa

ATI congratulates Orvokki Lamsa for her contributions internationally to the Australian Terrier breed. We are proud to make her our first Finnish Lifetime Member.

VWW-2008 Avocation Centaurus

Veteran World Winner 2008

Ch. Avocation Centaurus shown by Orvokki

In her honor, Janet Mass (USA), who leased her dog, Tatong’s Eclipse Of The Moon, “Konsta,” wanted to share her memories.

In 1998, not long after I discovered the World Wide Web, I happened upon a web site of what I thought were beautiful Australian Terriers.  I filed the site away but there were several dogs on that site in particular who caught my eye and I remembered.  Not long after that I made the trek to Montgomery County to observe the dogs being shown.  I knew I needed to do something to improve my dogs but I was unsure where to go.  My goal was to find a good stud dog.  Alas, I was a little disappointed with what I saw at the show.  On the long drive home I developed a picture in my mind of what the perfect Aussie looked like.  I kept coming back to the dogs on the web site and how they had that “look” I was after.

After much thought and discussion with a good friend I contacted Orvokki Lamsa.  My goal was to lease her bitch, Avocations Toscana Moon, as she was the “one” in my mind.  I wrote Orvokki and was honest about my goals and what I was looking to accomplish.  Unfortunately she turned me down, so imagine my surprise when a couple of weeks later I received an email from her. In it she said she had been thinking about how she could help me and she offered to lease me Ch. Tatong’s Eclipse Of The Moon, “Konsta.”  This was the sire of Toscana Moon.

We reached an agreement and “Konsta” arrived in the USA in November of 1998.  Not many know how “Konsta” changed my life.  He was an incredible dog and together we became a team and achieved some success.  Most important though was the impact he had on my breeding program.  “Konsta” lived with me for a year and a half and I sat in KLM Air Cargo hugging him and crying when he flew home to Finland.

FISAMCHT Tatong's Eclipse Of The Moon

Photo Courtesy Of Orvokki Lamsa “Konsta” and Janet Mass at Westminster

Without Orvokki’s generosity I think the dogs in the USA would not be where they are today.  He not only had an impact on my breeding program but on others also.  He and Orvokki accomplished something else though.  With the arrival of “Konsta” it opened doors for other breeders here in the USA, Finland, Denmark and Sweden to begin working together.

Over the years we have contributed to each other’s breeding programs. She has always been honest and forthright in her dealings.  When I visited Finland a few years ago she was a gracious host.  I cannot even remember everyone I was introduced to and I probably met about 50 Aussies!  Some were Orvokki’s breeding and some were just friends’ dogs that dropped by.

I am proud to call Orvokki a friend and cannot think of anyone more deserving of this honor.

An Interview With Orvokki Lamsa By Minna Kaartinen
This interview was done with the great help of Minna Kaartinen.

Minna writes:

Mrs. Orvokki Lämsä came across Aussies for the first time when she visited Pirjo and Tuomo Waara´s kennel Lapstar. The bitch, Ch Reimin Trip Trip, who was bred by Mrs. Ingrid Salo in her kennel Reimin, charmed her. At that time Orvokki decided she wanted one of “Tipsu´s” puppies for herself. She finally got that puppy, Ch Lapstar Kitty, and she became her foundation bitch. From “Kitty´s” first litter she got “Pippi” Ch Avocation Red Kamilaroi. “Pippi” was the mother of many bitches that went on to become many kennel´s foundation bitches. The rest is history. Orvokki has been breeding and showing Australian Terriers for more than two decades. This February, it will be 22 years since her first litter was born. Each year Avocation Kennel has 1 or 2 litters. Dogs she has bred have achieved different winners titles from world dog shows, European winner shows and Baltic winner titles, and also from Luxemburg, Austria and Russia.

 Orvokki's Joukahainen

FIN N RUS CH Avocation Joukahainen

From Orvokki:

At the beginning I was kindly mentored by the owners of kennel Lapstar, Mrs. Ingrid Salo (kennel Reimin), and Ms. Marja-Liisa Aapaoja from kennel Golden Mist. I would like to also thank most warmly Mrs. Pamela Mc Dougall-Douglas (kennel Tahee, Australia), as well kennel Tatongs breeder Mrs. Jill Grenae (Denmark). Kennel Vitterklippens breeder Ulla-Britt Norgren has also my great thanks for long confidential co-operation! For my part, I am glad if I can be helpful to someone else. I would prefer to be remembered in the dog world for trying my best to help those who have asked me for help or breeding stock.

Orvokki's Magic of Moon

FI CH Avocation Magic Of Moon

Good temperament, health and construction will make proper breeding dogs. That is important for both bitches and males. Natural instincts such as dealing with puppies and breeding are also important. Proper grooming will bring out the best of each dog. With my first dog I looked at the model pictures, and tried to make my Aussie look similar. In those days dogs were groomed a lot less.  Later on I received tips from other breeders. Keeping a dog in a show condition requires effort also from the owner. It is hard to find a great groomer who can magically work wonders right away from a coat that has not been groomed or worked. The only way to have a good show coat is to roll the Aussie’s coat regularly. Also good muscular condition is essential, because Aussies are greedy dogs who like to eat a lot and tend to put on weight easily.

In Finland, tail docking has been banned for quite a long time. A good natural tail is set in the right place, strong and sinewy. The first part of the tail is straight and then it turns slightly towards the back.

Kennel Avocation has exported Australian Terriers to Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Latvia and the United States. I have imported dogs from kennels from Australia, Denmark, Sweden and USA. Cheryl and Jim Mechalke bred the last dog I imported. This import is Araluen´s Red Moon Rising at Tatong, “Arnold”.  Arnold is out of Ch Nellyson Mr. Do Not Skip The Zip and Ch The Tatong’s Shepherd’s Moon, which are descended from two traditional dog lines in Europe.  He appears to follow in my dog  “Konsta’s”, Ch. Tatong’s Eclipse Of The Moon’s, paw print as an excellent stud dog, which makes me so very happy.

Most of my puppies are placed as normal family dogs. Quickly estimated I have bred over 40 different champions. I have Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish champions. I have them also from Baltic countries, Belgium, France, Canada, United States and Russia. Of course there are also International and Nordic country champions.

Over the years dog-structures have improved, but in the fronts there is still much to improve. At a dog show your dog’s placement and prize are often affected by its presentation and who is handling the dog.  A good handler is almost invisible and brings out the dog instead of her or himself. She or he will naturally take into account the other competitors.

Aussies are generally good-natured, and healthy. A sane Aussie is lovely regardless of which country it comes from. Since the Australian Terrier population has grown, we have seen more diseases. Australian Terrier Club of Finland has been active in dogs genetic research, and our kennel set up its own blood sampling a few years ago here in Kuusamo. (Kuusamo, which is located in Northern Finland, is a region of long distances and difficult weather conditions. It is also a sparsely populated area and upgraded veterinary services are not at all obvious. Mating and show tours are really long.)

Orvoki's Artic Manifest

FI AM CAN CH Avocation Arcticmanifest

First “eye candy” Aussie to me was Ch Tahee Dirty Harry (Ch Tahee Grande Magic x Tahee Jazz Waltz). Also, Ch Tatong’s Silver Moon Dancer “Smiley” (Ch Ibeth Mister President Sam x-Zu Ngulati), his son with Ch Ibeth Orange Blossom also CH Tatong’s Eclipse of the Moon a.k.a. “Konsta” (who had his own significant share of the development of American Aussies while he was on breeding loan in the U.S. with Janet Maas from kennel Akiba.) Current dogs from my own kennel breeding that I am very pleased with are, “North Star” Ch Avocation Centaurus “Harald” (Ch Avocation Dragon’s Ninja x Avocation Safir ‘N’ Steel), the rising ability Avocation Walking in the Air “Oliver” (Araluen’s Red Moon Rising At Tatong x Avocation Vellamo), and Ch Avocation Joukahainen “Peku” (Ch Vitterklippens Verdandi x Avocation Raju Rambo). Sure there are many other beautiful dogs, too. Of course, I also want to mention my first breeding dog “Ransu”, Ch Borchorst Filipino (Ch Regivista Show Stoppr x Mariendals Just For Fun). He was very important to me and to my breeding program.

 Orvokki's Oliver

Avocation Walking in the Air “Oliver” (Araluen’s Red Moon Rising At Tatong x Avocation Vellamo)

Naturally, the breeder does not have the opportunity to keep all of the eye pleasing dogs and that is why I place the promising individuals. A good dog owner for a placed dog is co-operative and wants to go with me to shows. The dog gets a lot of love and attention and is considered to be a family member. It gets great care.

Orvokki's Konsta

 C.I.B. & FI & S CH Avocation Skywalker.JPG

As a way of life breeding dogs is time-consuming, and sometimes difficult. In return, it has brought a lot of fun, friends and traveling to different places. The best memories include the Vuolasvirta Award, which is the highest award granted for the distinguished work in breeding. My worst experience was definitely the loss or theft of Am Ch Akiba’s You Got Mail “Tommy” from the home that was leasing him. “Tommy” was not found despite great efforts. The uncertainty about his fate weighs really heavy on me.

 Janet's Tommy

Am Ch Akiba’s You Got Mail “Tommy”

ATI’s lifetime membership is a surprise and honor to me! I would like to highlight the importance of gratitude; very often people forget those who helped them. I think older doggy friends are also important and they should not be cast aside for younger dogs. It is great to be able to see the veteran dog still enjoying the shows. Although the sport is great and challenging, I would say that life is so much more with breeding and showing. Let us take this hobby properly, but avoid excessive severity. Joy and a sense of proportion and preservation are the most important tenets.