Vibeke Rørdam Christensen Of Kennel Tippe

1969 Me and my bigbrother Totte


The Story of Tippe Kennels


Tippe is the oldest active Australian Terrier breeding kennel in Denmark. Founded in 1975, Tippe looks forward to

celebrating their 40 year anniversary in 2015. I have been fortunate to be a part of Tippe Kennel from the start.


It all started in 1967 when my mother, Birte Lillian Steffensen, bought what was according to the ad, a German

Shepherd in a small body. My mother’s parents had several German Shepherds when she was a child. In 1967 my

parents lived in an apartment so of course a mini-German Shepherd was the dog for her! But Ravnegårds Apilak

(Totte),of course, was not a mini-German Shepherd. He was the first Aussie in our home and a true great

“big brother” to me. I was born in 1968 and I was practically born in a dog basket as Totte lay under my mother’s

bed during my birth. I was introduced to him when I was 30 minutes old.


In 1973 we bought Ravnegårds Nefertite (Tippe) and named the kennel after her. She became a Danish

champion and the mother of our very fine line of bitches. Our breeding was an unbroken line from 1973 to

1996 when my mother chose to put the breeding on hold for a while. She did this because during the 90’s

she became a FCI show judge for all the terrier breeds. She was judging increasingly at international shows

both in Denmark and abroad.


1981: Four generations in a kind of “progeny-obedience-class” of Aussies from Kennel Tippe, Denmark.

  From the left: Arne Sørensen with DKCH NLCH INTCH VV85 WA82 WA83 BDSG WA85 Tippes el

Gordito, his litter-sister DKCH VV85 INTCH KBHV83 WA83 Tippes Esta Divina de Chica, my mother,

Birte L Steffensen (founder of Kennel Tippe) with their mother: DKCH Tippes Blue Chica and me

with my first dog, the mother of Chica: Tippes Bluegirl and her mother: Tippes Aisha.   


Tippe’s first litter produced Aisha who was amazing at assessing people and a very sound and capable leader

of our four generation pack of bitches living at home. She was also an incredible obedience dog, passing

the Danish Kennel Club’s obedience classes I and II earning first place prizes. She also was the mother of my

first dog, Bluegirl (Blubbe) who like her mother was an excellent obedience dog. She was our second generation

to also pass the Danish Kennel Club’s obedience classes I and II. Blubbe was no show beauty but she produced

Tippe Kennel’s first homebred Danish champion and our third generation in a straight line, DKCH Tippes Blue Chica.


Through the years we have been so fortunate to sell puppies to people in Finland, the United States of America,
Holland and Germany. We have produced a line of title winners both national and international champions in all
of the countries where Tippe Kennels is represented. In addition several dogs of our breeding have excelled at
obedience, including our exports. The greatest show stars at Tippe Kennels are undoubtedly the two siblings
after Tippes Blue Chica,
DKCH VV85 INTCH KBHV83 WA83-Tippes Esta Divina de Chica(Møffe) and her brother DKCH NLCH INTCH
VV85 WA82 WA83 BDSG WA85Tippes El Gordito (Skitte), who both successfully “ruled” the show-rings both
in Denmark and abroad from 1981 to 1989.
Totte was my best friend, my companion, my comfort when I was sad, my cuddly “bear” when
I was tired… my big brother.
1969 Totte and Vibeke
1974 Tippes Aisha and Vibeke


Møffe mothered our fifth generation giving me my second bitch, the red Tippes Lindeza Roja Divina (Jubii).

Jubii was a very special dog for two reasons: she was the first Danish bred red Aussie to become a

Danish champion and, in 1996 at the age of 12 years, she became the Best Aussie Bitch of the Year

and the fourth Best Aussie of the Year in overall competition. She did this by being placed 1-4 in competition

of Best of Breed at all of the shows she attended throughout the year!


Jubii’s red daughter, DKCH Tippes Princesa Roja Divina (Así), was our sixth generation at home and ou

r fourth generation of champions in a row at home. She produced three litters and from her last litter in 1995

we kept Tippes Te Quiero Tanto Divina (Tante). She was the seventh generation and the last bitch we kept

from our line of bitches, a straight line that led back to Tippe and 1973.


From the beginning, Tippe Kennels has been true to the classic Aussie type. From the third litter of DKCH

Tippes Blue Chica and onwards, we have had at least one champion from every litter. In several litters there

also have been dogs who passed various obedience classes in different countries. We never have had more

than four bitches at home, one from each generation, and that makes the high number of Tippe champions

even more remarkable.



1970-1971 Learning to Groom.


The very best, however, are all of the lovely responses from our puppy buyers that we have received over

the years telling us what wonderful four-legged family members they have had for a number of years. Many

former owners return to Tippe Kennels for their second dog or for another dog after losing their old Aussie.

To me, this is proof of the high quality in our dogs and proof of the pride we take in choosing the best quality

dogs for our breeding program. Since 1975 producing true Aussie-type, sound dogs with a serious breeding

program remains the trademark of Tippe Kennels.


Our kennel marked the beginning of a new era in 2011 but I have the same requirements for good health as

my mother and I take breeding equally serious. Therefore, the parents of my new line of bitches have been

chosen very carefully. Both parents are of the same good type that has always been the trademark of

Tippe Kennels: the classic Aussie. So these top-winning dogs, DKCH LUCH DECH DEVDHCH KLBCH INTCH

Surely Nothing To Lose “Silja” and SECH NOCH DKCH INTCH Pariservikens Earth Boy “Gizmo” are the parents

of my U-litter and my new rising stars.

 1973 My little sister (aprox 8 months) and myself (5 years) with Totte (6) and Tippe Kennels

stemmother Ravnegaard Nefertite Tip.


I grew up with Australian Terriers and I love the classic Aussie which is the basis for the standard in the FCI.

It describes a rough and persevering little working terrier with a harsh, weather-proof coat. It adds that they are

brave, courageous, independent and watchful little dogs being incredibly loving, playful and curious pets

who love being with children, adults and other dogs.


All breeds evolve over time as they should, but in my opinion the Aussie has moved away from the original type of

Aussie. I aim to steer the breed back in the direction of the classic Aussie. The Australian Terrier lives within my

heart. They have always been a part of my life right from the day I was born. I am passionate about improving

the quality of the breed I love. That is why the most important thing for me in my breeding program is that my

bitches and males used for breeding are mentally and physically sound. The “wrapping” must be nice, but

it is the inside of the dog that a family lives with.


My dogs here at Tippe Kennels are part of our family and they live inside the house with us. They cuddle next

to us on the couch and share all aspects of our life. My litters grow up in the living room so they are acclimated

to the sounds and noises of a “normal” family from the start. They are handled and played with by both children

and adults on a daily basis and are with the other pets in our family. As soon as the puppies are old enough

they go outside on discovery tours. This is a part of the socialization that is so important for the dog to be able

to live among people as well as other animals.


After many years without puppies, Tippe Kennels is back in business and I will do my utmost to live up to the high

quality Aussies that my mother was so well known for with her breeding program. Her motto was, “Tippe

Aussies-obedient dogs with a great appearance!” I will continue her serious breeding program with my motto:

Tippe Aussies: Healthy pet-dogs with a great appearance!

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