The History Of The Aussie In Sweden By Carin Sandahl 

The first Aussies came to Sweden through Denmark in the early 1960´s. In 1963 the first Aussies entered at a show.

It was the Danish imports Stella Polaris Cassiopeja, Steffi Pride and Stella Polaris Jupiter owned by Stebs kennels.

The first litter was born and registered in 1964 at kennel Stebs.

Elvyne Bewitched Tina

Stella Polaris Stardust

Another early pioneer was a sea captain named Karlsson, who fell in love with the breed during a stay in Australia.

In 1964 he brought home the male Narrung Roger Dean to Sweden. He became Swedish Champion.

In 1969 he brought home a bitch, Narrung Ses Sprite, who later whelped two puppies by Roger Dean.

 Elvyne Bewitched Tina

Elvyne Bewitched Tina

Other dogs were imported from Denmark by the countess Birgitta Mörner. She bought the bitch Stella Polaris Ceres in 1965. Raminas kennel bought the bitch Busses Harsh Juditha from Finland in 1966. A few other kennels started and bred a few litters and then disappeared. Mrs Ingeborg Brännland, Bianceborgs kennel, took over kennel Stebs dogs and bred them under her own prefix Bianceborgs from 1969 to 1973.

Mrs Renata Nilsson, kennel Reni´s, was the most successful and dominating breeder during the 1970´s and 1980´s.

She built her breeding on several imports from Australia. In 1975 came her first import, the male Ch Bonzer Just Fred , who was the father of several winning dogs from Reni´s kennel. She also imported the dogs Ch Hfarmist Here I Am, Ch Negura Billy Buttons and Ch Tonee Town Twistnriggle.

Agrippas Debbie

Agrippas Debbie

The first dog to become an International Champion was Int & Nord Ch Blue Benjamin, bred by Lars and Birgitta Hellkvist, who later took the kennel prefix Bikarol.

Bernt Bolin, kennel Cooctown, brought home two male puppies from a trip to Australia in 1987. They were Taralee Small Potatoe and Llandrow Pegasus. Both became champions but Pegasus was the one most used and he left some nice champion offspring at Cooctown kennels.

Someone who had a big influence on the Swedish Aussie breeding was Mrs Anne-Marie Hamilton Bartter.

She was born in Sweden, but married an Australian and lived there for 25 years. She decided she wanted to do something for the Australian Terrier in Sweden, so in 1985 she brought with her the bitch Ch Tahee Charade, who was mated in Australia and had a litter in Sweden. The puppies were sold to breeders in Sweden, Denmark and Finland and their line can be found behind lots of Aussies today. In 1987 Anne-Marie came back to Sweden with the male puppy Tahee Night Hawk and the bitch Ch Tahee Special Girl. They produced a litter in Sweden and again the puppies were sold to breeders in the Nordic countries. The only bitch puppy was Ymsens Yarrawonga

, who was one of the foundation bitches at kennel Twee-Dle-Dee.

Two dogs from Sweden in the 1980's

Two Dogs From Sweden In The 1980’s

She built her breeding on several imports from Australia. In 1975 came her first import, the male Ch Bonzer Just Fred,

who was the father of several winning dogs from Reni´s kennel. She also imported the dogs Ch Hfarmist Here I Am,  Ch Negura Billy Buttons and Ch Tonee Town Twistnriggle.

Tahee Special Girl went back to Australia with Anne-Marie and became Australian Champion and obedience champion.

She was later mated to the famous Ch Tahee Dirty Harry. Anne-Marie kept the male Wyangan Storm Petrel who became Australian Champion. When Anne-Marie became seriously ill Storm Petrel was sent to kennel Winthertorpet in Sweden.

The oldest active kennels in Sweden today are Cooctown, Bernt Bolin, Vitterklippen, Ulla-Britt Norgren and Twee-Dle-Dee, Carin Sandahl, who has been breeding for almost 30 years.

The most winning kennel name in the show ring is Jaskarin, Saija and Markus Walldén, who moved to Sweden from Finland about 10 years ago. But there are several new breeders coming on and the breed is growing here in Sweden, so we look upon the future with confidence.

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